SJOA is certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s “Quality Oncology Practice Initiative” (QOPI). The QOPI program recognizes those hematology/oncology practices that meet the highest standards of quality patient care and safety.  After an on-site review performed by a QOPI examiner, our practice was found to meet or exceed the following high quality standards that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Staffing
  • Treatment planning and chart documentation
  • Informed consent practices
  • All aspects of chemotherapy handling, preparation and administration including compliance with 797 safety standards
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Patient and family education and support

Our voluntary participation in the rigorous QOPI assessment program, though not required, is an important component of SJOA’s own ongoing quality assurance program.

The SJOA Clinical Laboratory is accredited by the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) demonstrating our commitment to achieve and adhere to national benchmarks of high quality.

Specimens are obtained and tests are processed by a certified team of specialists under a sterile environment following strict professional standards required to achieve accurate results essential in patient care.

The convenience of our on-site laboratory allows collection of specimens for immediate processing and direct reporting to your physician. Moreover, patients may also access test results online within 48 hours. To activate this free service, please ask a receptionist about the enrollment process.