Since 1996, San Juan Oncology has conducted a nationally recognized clinical research program. If your physician believes you would benefit from treatment available through a current clinical trial at our facility or elsewhere, he will discuss it with you thoroughly. You will have the opportunity to read all explanatory information and ask questions until you feel confident in making a decision.  If there is a clinical trial unavailable here and you and your physician believe it would be the best option for you, a referral to that trial site will be provided and facilitated for you.

Because every clinical trial is designed to investigate whether the treatment being tested achieves better results than the current standard treatment, there are very rigid patient eligibility standards all trial sites are required to follow.  These not only protect patient safety, but also insure that the pool of patients participating throughout the country/world have similar health and related characteristics.  In this way, the study results from each trial site can be compared and assessed accurately when the trial concludes.

Your physician will present and discuss all treatment options with you. These will be either standard therapies or those given through a clinical trial. The decision to undergo standard treatment or to enter a clinical trial is a personal one. In some cases, standard treatment offers a known probability of cure or long-term remission. In other circumstances, this may not be true or no effective standard treatment exists for your type or stage of cancer. In this case, a clinical trial may be a viable option.

Your doctor will know if a clinical trial is available for your type or stage of cancer, and whether you are likely to meet the eligibility criteria a specific trial requires. Discussions with your physician and detailed information materials will help you reach a decision.

It is important to know that trials are being opened and closed on an ongoing basis. The most up-to-date listing of trials currently underway at San Juan Oncology can be found at (all trials require approval by the National Cancer Institute which maintains a comprehensive list of trials at all sites across the nation).

To facilitate your search, we have listed our current trials by the specific disease being treated.  Please be aware that even if your disease matches one listed, not every eligibility requirement may be.  Additionally, your physician will be aware of other health issues that may affect your appropriateness for participating in a trial.  If you find a trial you’d like to inquire about, please call our Certified Clinical Research Coordinators at 505-564-6874 or 505-564-6875.