Oncology & Hematology

All SJOA Medical Oncologists are certified in Oncology: the branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  Medical Oncologists use chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biologic therapies and other agents to treat cancer and, as appropriate, genetic analyses to design therapies tailored to the specific traits of individual patients’ cancer cells.

Hematology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood. This field of expertise includes both malignant (cancerous) and non-malignant blood diseases including, but not limited to anemias, polycythemia, myelofibrosis, leukemia, lymphomas, bleeding disorders, and myelodysplasia syndrome.

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Pharmacy & Clinical Laboratory

Our on-site pharmacy fills prescriptions and files insurance claims for drug coverage. The friendly staff here will answer any questions you may have about your medications or insurance issues.

Blood draw and analysis services are also on-site, eliminating the need for patients to leave the building for necessary blood testing. This convenience also assures our physicians of rapid results for monitoring and planning patient care.

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Patient & Family Support

Our team of health care providers considers family involvement in patient care necessary and helpful, and recognizes the broad impact of serious disease on the financial, emotional, and daily aspects of family life.  The services outlined on this website are designed to assist with those realities and reflect our philosophy of respect for cultural values as well as compassionate, individualized care for every family involved in the cancer experience.

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