Step One: When you first arrive and sign in at our front desk, you will be asked for the forms that were mailed to you or that you retrieved from the New Patient Packet PDF.

You will need to bring insurance cards, prescription cards, any relevant legal documents, and containers of any medications you are currently taking (including vitamin/mineral supplements and any other non-prescription medications).

Step Two: A Medical Assistant will accompany you from the waiting room to a triage room where she will record your vital signs, height, weight and blood pressure. She will then review and record your current health status with you including all systems: eyes, nose/mouth/throat, respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal, urinary, reproductive, musculoskeletal, skin, neurological, emotional, endocrine, blood and immunologic status. After reviewing your current medications and asking about your pharmacy preferences, she will take you to an exam Room.

Step Three: Here your physician will explain the reason you have been referred to our practice.  He will discuss results of pathology and any other diagnostic tests underlying the preliminary diagnosis and discuss treatment options for your specific type and stage of disease.

Most importantly, you will be encouraged to ask any questions you’ve brought with you or that arise during this visit.  You and anyone accompanying you are strongly encouraged to take notes: no one remembers everything said during their first visit!

Your doctor may order additional tests (such as blood tests, CT, PET or MRI scans, colonoscopy, mammogram, etc.) to be completed before your next appointment at San Juan Oncology.

Step Four: Your tests and your next appointment will be scheduled as you check out at the front desk. Staff there will provide directions to test locations and also later call you to confirm and remind you of your next appointment at SJOA.